About Live Room

Live Room is a social project about using art as an alternative form of education. The project began on November 2015 since when we organized +40 events, served +500 artists, and helped many social and cultural actions.
Live Room is an old concept, used essentially for designing the studio recording room. We took this concept and generalized it to every form of human live expression. Our mission is to adopt and share this artistic live expression and use it for human development.

In 2020, Live Room opened LABO center, the biggest artistic experimentation and production hub in Tangier which will offer free trainings to over 150 youth per year and other cultural facilities.    

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For your future event, decoration, advertising or artistic projects, Live Room offers you a very large variety of artists, consulting services and more. INTERESTED?

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Phone: +212 621 408 990 / +212 620 693 229
Email: liveroomofficial@gmail.com
Head office: 11, Av Oued Ziz, Castilla – 90000 - Tangier.
LABO Center: Av Jabha Watania (Ex, Av Rembrant), Garage of Hotel Legardenia, 90000 - Tangier.