The first moral motivations which gave birth to this project have their origins long before the creation of the Live Room Project when two friends started several social actions as a temptation to change the harsh social situation experienced by the poor people living in the region of Tangier. During this period they understood that young people are very open to dialogue and change if we succeed in maintaining a positive communication with them. 
By the end of 2014, the former engineer Omar Mok’s, one of the co-founders of Live Room, created the start-up Mok’s and organized many socio-cultural events. In 2015, Mok’s agency becomes a real co-working and incubator space for young students and entrepreneurs. During this period, Omar felt the need to create a project based on the LIVE culture because according to him and his colleagues, it is the best way to share knowledge and make a change. By the end of 2015, they launched the first Live Room meeting in which 19 people were present. Today, the Live Room Project is considered one of the most ambitious Human development and communication projects in Africa.



We have a simple set of values for a precise purpose: Connecting Ideas!

  • We believe in human capital, women and men equally.
  • Culture is a right for everyone.
  • Art and culture are essential vectors in human development.
  • Human artistic expression is free.
  • Culture and sport facilitates social integration.
  • Cultural diversity is a wealth.
  • Sustainable development is our main priority.


  • Facilitating equitable access to culture for young people. 
  • Testing and implementing new forms of promoting creative skills in youth and kids. 
  • Boosting woman’s participation in the socio-cultural life.
  • Raising awareness about our main social problems. 
  • Creating a better and equitable future for the children. 
  • Promoting the cultural life and the artistic creation.
  • Creating digital solutions for live interactions.  
  • Promoting ecosystems for emergent artists. 



• Our project is well structured and organized.
• Our team is passionate and competent.
• Our public is engaged.
• Our vision is big and challenging. 
• Our products have great success.
• Our world needs Live Room Project.


Omar Mok’s

CEO / Artistic Direction

Anas Ahnich

Communication Coordination

Siham Habhab

Activity &

Dalal Naredah

Administration & Finance

Ilias Khaddor

President / Pedagogic


Phone: +212 603-061730 / +212 620-693229
Email: liveroomofficial@gmail.com
LABO studios: 3, Rue Moulay Abdellah et Jabha Wataniya, 90000 - Tangier.