Live Room’s first priority has always been to encourage people to express themselves by sharing their knowledge and hiding talents. Our programs are mostly free to access and aims to support and promote creative skills for youth.  Our space LABO is offering many events, workshops and other activities free access to public but also give you the opportunity to use the venue and its facilities for your own events. Please feel free to visit us or CONTACT US

Artistic Meetings

It’s the first program launched by Live Room and considered the real engine of the project. This meeting was held by artists and amateurs to first discuss the priorities and cultural needs of the time and then share the artistic expression in an intimate setting. The goals of the meeting were to deliver a presentation about the progress project, motivation, orientation and recruitment of young talents. Since 2015, fifteen artistic meetings have been organized by Live Room Project in six different venues.

Live Room Show

The program “Show” links the project to the general public by exhibiting a themed show with a unique concept: Welcoming and integrating the public into the spirit of the show by the Live Room’s experimental theater group which presents a small play following the moral theme of the event and directly affecting the social situation of the guests. Then, there was a follow up part programmed for the selected artists upstream, and a last part “Open mic / jam” for the motivation of the new artists. Since the launch of Live Room Project, fourteen Shows have been organized in four different cities.

Experimental Theater

Live Room Project’s main focus is on artistic creations especially theatre because it’s the mirror of our orientation and the reflection of our daily life. The first goal of experimental theater was the creation of micro shows which will serve public welcoming in Live Room Shows. In 2018, Live Room launched an independent project called Choices. Here is a brief summary:”Love and freedom, two words which seem to lose their meanings these days. Many borders and restrictions limit everyone who tries to approach them. This experimental theatre project attempts to mix the artistic work with the experience of the public in order to study the meanings and associated concepts of the couple (Freedom; Love) by presenting the philosophy of individual’s daily choice.”

Radio Ghoulala

Live Room met the artist Abdel Rahman Khamal AKA Ghoulala (Snail) in Tetouan in 2015. He was the leader and former of Harmonic Fusion Band which played at the first Live Room Show organized in April 2016 in the American Musuem of Tangier. We found in this group the spirit we wanted to transmit to our public by music and they’d joined us in our tour to Mohammadia and Casablanca. In 2017 we strated to support their collective “Association of Autodidacted Artists” to create a Live Room space in Tetouan. Radio Ghoulala café theater was then created in 2018 and moved artistically the town of Tetouan. Live Room want to re-take the Radio Ghoulala experience and launch in 2021 in LABO center not only the same concept but also a new radio concept to share “Ghoulala” spirit…

Urban Art Week Festival

The first edition of the Urban Art Week was organized in May 2017 under the concept of Urban Art Day, which wanted to finally give visual artists (digital, comics, pop art, upcycling) the opportunity to exhibit their work and bring together all other types of urban arts to animate the opening of this exhibition. It was also the result of the opening of Live Room Project on a younger age group: teenagers. Since then, it has been transformed into the largest urban arts festival in Tangiers and North, which its third edition (July 2019) saw the participation of more than 100 local and international artists with more than 1000 visitors. The festival has also marked the urban local life by creating the first street art murals in Tangier. 

Blabla+ Ep01


BlaBla+ is an interactive program aims to study and make the audience aware of the live interaction between TV and spectators. The objective is to present a social problem and to treat it from several angles, sarcastically and seriously through different opinions (speakers, polls, sidewalks, web buzz, etc). The innovation comes when we asked the present audience to act as if they are sitting at home in front of their TV and not on the set / studio so we can study the live expression. The first episode was organized at the Cinémathèque of Tangier in 2019 under the theme “Freedom of the woman, what are we gaining?”, other episodes follow up treating the same subject.

Live Room Kids

Live Room Kids is a program dedicated to children under the age of 14. Its main objective is to strengthen their talents and skills through multiple activities. The program will be launched in September 2020 holding four complete workshops in theater, new technologies, circus and handcraft. Also, since the start of Live Room Project, we have given great importance to the integration and encouragement of children to attend and participate in our events. One of the projects that the association of Live Room supported since 2018 is the Projet Tawjeeh launched by Nabil Bedda who created a small school of educational support in the district of Bendibane.



Live room project produced the first ep of 7mz ft orcean named "laureat"

Jam sessions

Live Room project organizes many jam sessions in dar gnawa during 2016-2017

Tawjeeh Project

Live room support nabil bedda's project who created a near door support school

COP 22

Live room project participated with sigef for innovatif social projects at cop22 marrakech