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Live Room is a social project founded in the end of 2015 which aims at promoting live culture and creating a movement of human development by using an alternative form of education: ART.

Connecting ideas is the project’s far vision. The main mission of the project  is to link the development of a work based on “Start-up spirit” with a process led by a mixture of professionals and passionate amateurs who work hard to support live artistic performances in its various forms particularly the urban, contemporary, alternative and experimental creations without marginalizing the traditional and the regional heritage.
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Omar Mok’s, the founder of the Live Room project, finished his engineering studies in France and returns to Morocco as a project manager in leading companies. Touched by the social situation in Tangier, he became very active and created several social actions with his friends along with the help of other associations. The latter made him understand that young people are very open to dialogue and change if we succeed to maintain a positive communication with them. He also joined multiple artistic movements to deliver Poetry, Spoken words, theater, music… He remarked that most of the collectivities suffer from organizational problems.
By the end of 2014, Omar created the start-up Mok’s Communication, organized or participated in the organization of several cultural events like: 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE (worldwide movement www.100tpc.org ), 3ID SLAM, DKHLA B KTAB TANGER (Elected best social event in Morocco Web Awards 2017), IOTMAROC Challenge  (National competition of Internet On Things), SBAGHA f ZEN9A (Moroccan movement of art promotion), MANGA EXHIBITION Tangier, INS’ Tanja (Photography competition), etc. 

During 2015, Mok’s agency becomes a real co-working and incubator space for young students and entrepreneurs. During this period, Omar felt the need to create a project based on the live culture because according to him and his colleagues, the project will be the best way to share knowledge. By the end of 2015, he launched the first Live Room in which 19 people were present. Today, Live Room Project is considered one of the most ambitious cultural and social projects in Morocco, and maybe in the region as well.



We have a simple set of values for a precise purpose: Connecting Ideas!

  • We believe in human capital, women and men equally
  • Culture is a right for everybody
  • Art is an essential vector in human development
  • Artistic expression is free
  • Culture facilitates social integration
  • Culture is a way to get appropriated in the city and get opened to the world
  • Cultural diversity is a wealth
  • Continuous improvement is our main priority


  • Facilitating the access to culture for young people
  • Promoting the cultural life and broadcasting the artistic creation
  • Testing and implementing new forms of promotion of creative capacities
  • Creating a co-working, support, rehearsal, experimental and commercial space for artists
  • Boosting woman participation in the cultural life
  • Raising awareness towards the social problems of that face young people and children
  • Studying of the live human contact
  • Structuring a new cultural company in Morocco
  • Creating an international artistic network



• Our project is well structured and organized.
• Our team is passionate and competent.
• Our collective is welded, our public is engaged.
• Our vision is big
• Our product has great success.
• Our world needs Live Room Project


Meet our executive team

Omar Mok’s

CEO / Artistic Direction

Siham Habhab

Communication Coordination

Nabil Bedda 


Dalal Naredah

Administration and Finance

Ilias Khaddor

President / Pedagogic


Phone: +212 621 408 990 / +212 620 693 2296
Email: liveroomofficial@gmail.com
Head office: 11, Av Oued Ziz, Castilla – 90000 - Tangier.
LABO Center: Av Jabha Watania (Ex, Av Rembrant), Garage of Hotel Legardenia, 90000 - Tangier.