Since the launch of the Live Room Project three years ago, we have given a major importance to sharing experiences and knowledge. This was done through artistic meetings where we treated the issues related to the importance of artistic expression for human development. In this second phase of the project (from 3rd to 5th year), we want to spread the field of discussion to contain the various social problems that we have faced or were communicated to us by our collaborators. As the BLABLA+ series has an interactive character and positive goal, we will process in order to organize an episode at the end of each quarter of 2019 that will deal with a specific theme.


Just like in a television set where the presenter welcomes one or more guests to discuss a specific theme or a general topic and interacts with the public through their opinions and questions, a BLABLA+ meeting takes up the same concept in a live version. The aim is to present a social problem and to deal with it from several angles, through the different opinions of the speakers.

Episode 1: Woman’s freedom: What’s the gain from?

The freedom of women in Tangier and generally in Morocco is still a suspect theme to men and women themselves. It is always a disturbing term, often misinterpreted and almost always condemned in our society. This doesn’t go without an invoice. In this BLABLA+ which coincides with World Women’s Day week, we will try to answer the question: What is gained from women’s freedom?

  • Language: Moroccan dialect
  • Date: Saturday 23rd March, 2019 at 5:30pm
  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Space:  Cinema RIF
  • Participants: 50
  • Audience type: All Ages and categories
  • Entry: Free (On registration)
  • Partners: La Cinémathèque de Tanger, FUZIA.COM

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