BlaBla + Episode 04: Sex education .. Is it time?


The 4th edition of the BlaBla + series took place at the LABO studios on the evening of Saturday, November 20. The BlaBla+ set was full with 70 people who attended and who were able to help answer the question: sex education .. is it time? with an attendance rate of 58% women and 42% men. Our special guest for this episode was the Moroccan comic book artist Zainab Fasiki.

Between seriousness and humor, testimonials and web monitoring, opinions of attenders and experts, BlaBla+ knew as usual how to answer the question asked while engaging the public, both digital and physical, to interact with the subject. At the end of the episode the majority concluded that YES, the time has come to deal with the subject of sex education and that this episode should be followed with another one dealing with the same subject by asking a new question: for who ? and which way?

See you in two months for a new episode of BlaBla+

Thank you for everyone who attended. Thanks to everyone else who shared their opinions with us through our media channels. See you soon 😊

We leave you with this little photo report of the evening.