BlaBla+ episode 3 « Harassment.. Is there any solution? »

On the evening of Saturday, March the 20th, Live Room organized in LABO center the third episode of BlaBla+ series which treated the theme of harassment and tried to find solutions to this phenomenon.

The episode was programed initially to turn in the past March 2020, but because of the COVID-19 situation, it was postponed. Since then, many things changed and we found ourselves confused keeping the same theme or changing it to another one. We finally found that harassment is still a hot topic and so believed our users when they chose to answer to the poll that we posted on our social medias asking them if we should change the topic of BlaBla+ or not.

This third episode of BlaBla+ held at LABO center was a perfect opportunity to test our capacity to organize such event in LABO. Certainly, it wasn’t the first internal event that we held in LABO since its opening, but it’s the first one that we opened to all public, and as we wanted to keep the number of attendees to a max of 50 persons, we had the opportunity to test our capacity in event’s short-term communication and guest’s reservation. It was also a challenge to transform LABO to a kind of TV set with all its featuring technical facilities and decoration. Finally, 50 young and less young persons attended and the third episode of BLABLA+ scored a big success and motivated us to continue its development.

Omar Mok’s, the host of BlaBla+ event and his team Mehdi Nabil (director) and Zaid Mrabet (prod), continued to make the perfect show mixing testimonies, micro-sidewalks, web articles highlights and our own vision to create the engagement between the public in set and the host to sensitize the audience about the right methodology one should engage when treating such complex subjects starting from giving importance to the definitions of words, taking consideration of the different points of view of society and analysis of the actual situation but also the projection of possible solutions to the future. Everybody agreed that in addition to the anti-harassment law, education and awareness are the key to a better behavior in the face of this phenomenon and of course a good reconciliation between males and females from early age will also lead to a better understanding of each others personalities and reach a higher level of respect between genders. Not to forget, a sexual education for youth is necessary to reduce the effects of this problem.

Finally, thanks to everybody who either attended the third episode of BlaBla+ series, interacted in its relative social media posts, or accepted to record their testimony. Thanks to Live Room team who made it a success and special thanks to our dear sponsor Drosos foundation.

Live is Life!

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