Dumb Spirits artistic residency in LABO come to its end!

I remember our first meeting at LABO center in January 2020. They were confused, shy, and a little scared. They were so unfamiliar with the course of action in LABO. However, you could’ve told that the members were willing with an enthusiasm to understand the modes of behavior to work among Live Room’s team in order to achieve their goals.

Initially, the band started by making covers of different famous songs (Rock, RnB and Pop) on Instagram during quarantine to while away the time, that’s how I noticed them.

At the time this group of musicians was struggling to find a place for practice, as a result they decided to contact me and after they’ve submitted their application, we selected them for our music artistic residency for local groups.


Dumb Spirits is the future great post-punk band!

Indeed, the residency began in February 2021 and ended in august with a very satisfactory rating from our part not only for having achieved the objectives set for this residency, namely the creation and recording of their very first original single called “Focused”, the creation of a 40-minute mixtape of popular covers as well as four Live performances (physical and digital), but also their attitude and motivation shown during the period of residency and their capacity to manage the project, taken decision and crisis management. So little by little the group had forged a new personality, stronger, more efficient (recruitment of a new bass player and integration of a keyboard player) and closer to the identity that their name bears: Dumb Spirits.

Finally, we were all dazzled by their last performance at the Urban Art Week festival where they set the stage on fire and blew up the 150 people who attended the concert. Congratulations again to Dumb Spirits for their amazing work. Big thanks to the entire Live Room team who managed this project and especially to Omar Chakor for its supervision. And don’t forget to stay tuned to our social media (IG: @liveroomproject) or Dumb Spirits one (IG: @dumb_spirits) to follow the continuity of this collaboration.


By Omar Mok’s, Artistic Director.