Creation of an Asian culture club at the Live Room

During the evening of Saturday, September 18, more than 70 young people and children gathered at the LABO of Live Room Project for a special event. They were gathered there to form what would be the Live Room Asian Culture Club. By the way, this was not the first rally that we held of this kind. A first event was indeed organized at LABO studios last June to announce to our users interested in this culture our intention to create a club for Korean-Japanese culture within the Live Room and during which we explained to the participants our passion for this culture and our desire to organize related events since the early years of the Live Room Project, but we refrained from doing so because another similar collective existed in Tangier (Association Dragon Tanger) and we didn’t want to compete with it but rather support them. Now that this collective has stopped practicing, we feel an obligation to continue to create a place for those passionate about asian culture. Also, we explained to them our vision for the club, the type of organization we are looking for and the great challenge we have: bringing together in the same club lovers of Japanese culture (rather traditional, manga, cosplay, gaming) with lovers of South Korean culture (very modern, inspired by the West, based on pop dance and Drama).

In this second meeting, the Live Room team dressed up as Geisha to welcome the participants who all had fun taking a quiz on the two cultures, and then voted in majority for the JAPOREA nomination for the club. After the quiz, Jasmine gave a presentation on the possible futur activities of the club and finally we gave place to the micro karaoke to the participants to finally finish with a session of K-pop random dance. At the end of the event, the participants most motivated to organize and manage the club registered their names to be called later to a closed meeting of the club scheduled for Wednesday 06 October.

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By Badr Mouhtadi