Live Room Halloween Show 2021

Halloween, comes from the old English “All Hallow Even”, which means “the eve of all the saints” is the evening before, which is none other than All Saints’ Day, a Christian holiday during which we celebrate all saints. Over the years, “Hallow’s Eve” has turned into “Halloween”. This a festival that was invented by the Celts over 2,000 years ago! According to tradition, the night of October 31 belonged to the dead, who disguised themselves as monsters to come and visit the living. It also symbolizes openness to the “other world” that of spirits. Today, this holiday has become globally popular, it is even a holiday as important as Christmas! Halloween is therefore linked to the world of the dead and the spirits. Still, this is not a dark party! During this evening, everyone disguises themselves, young and old alike, we decorate our house and we enjoy a meal generally based on pumpkin which is THE symbol of this holiday… We play at scare each other… for laughs.

Halloween is therefore also invited to LABO studios on Saturday, October 30, for yet another edition of the Live Room Show event, a most demonic evening dedicated to night owls in search of thrills, theater and dance entertainment with rock and electronic music all presented under the theme: Choice, death or suffering?

Among the guests are vampires, psychopaths, undead, witches, sadistic cannibals and your pals!! As if that weren’t enough, it will take place in a laboratory, which is none other than the basement of an old hotel, which is said to be haunted. It promises.

The program of a Live Room Show is always the same as its basic concept where the theater group and the dance team open the evening and engage the participants in the choice of the theme: death or suffering. Then, the Live Room team welcomes the participants and raises their energy for a dark atmosphere. An open mic session then opens for the two best performances selected to finally give way to the Rock concert and the cyber show which will set the track on fire and will undoubtedly take possession of the public, and maybe some little surprises in seen 😉

And because it’s Halloween, we don’t forget that costumes are MANDATORY, and the scariest ones will be rewarded. You know what you have to do now … pray for your life.

By Meriem El Bouanani.