The Coronavirus crisis has deeply affected both the cultural and artistic sectors and more specifically the organization of events; the Live Room Project is no exception. Due to the pandemic, many programs were canceled particularly two episodes of the interactive series BlaBla + (March and June), an Artistic Meeting (April), the Ramadan Show (May) and the fourth edition of the Urban Art Week festival (July).

The 4th edition of Urban Art Week Fest is postponed

We are following the situation with the greatest possible attention. Sadly, the situation in Morocco is not promising. Because of these circumstances, we cannot resume activities in direct contact with the public until next September. In meanwhile, we are hoping to maintain the festival UAW going. In an article subsequent to this one, we explained why we preferred not to embark on digital actions due to the lack of our current resources; the thing that will prevent us from achieving the satisfaction and objectives set for the actions. The association preferred to benefit from lockdown to enhance the activities in order to get ready for the upcoming project and which will see the birth of a physical management center and LABO activity.

But the debate never stopped for the Urban Art Week Tangier Festival. Our artists keep on making the event happen. So, we thought about a 100% digital solution which was to organize the festival only on our social networking sites and focus on digital competitions (digital comics and drawings), individual urban dance, Graffiti sketching, Rap, and Beatbox that our followers can watch and vote on Instagram & Facebook. Before taking the decision and discussing it with the sponsors, we launched a survey with our users to see whether they prefer making a digital edition or postpone it until school entrance to coincide with the opening of the LABO space. The result was sharp.  More than 70% voted for postponing the event in order to maintain physical participation.

We thank you for your confidence and we promise to get back to you more productive and more crazy and funny than ever!

Stay tuned for more updates.

One Love.

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