After five months of the Launching of LABO project, here we came to the day we all have been working for. The day that we received the participants of seven LABO programs (participants of music program will start in February):

  • Theater program for youths 25<yr<14
  • Dance program for youth 25<yr<16
  • Street Art program for youth 25<yr<16
  • Circus Arts program for kids 14<yr<10
  • Drawing and handcraft program for kids 16<yr<10
  • Writing and Spoken words program for kids 14<yr<10
  • Audio Video and VR program for kids 16<yr<10

See video below:


The team worked hard to prepare the space and the necessary equipment for the launching of the activity even if the finishing and decorating works are still going. On the other hand, the executive team of Live Room has been preparing the organization of the processes with the managers (and first coaches) for two weeks. We created an amazing team!

Liveroom Launch of LABO


The first session was all about networking and knowing better each other’s. After the welcoming words, we concentrate on the motivational part by exhibiting the history of Live Room Project, our realizations and the fixed goal. We also shared with them the vision we want to build in LABO during the next four years: “We are not a school. LABO is a space for artistic experimentation and production. Our goal is not to teach you, but to improve our creative skills. Five years ago, in the start of Live Room Project we took the slogan “Rise of Art” as our vision. With LABO we fixed a new one: Live is Life! Let’s work all together to study and explore live human expression. Now we all become LABO team. Let’s have fun!”

Finally, the participants joined their coaches to talk specifically about each program and to create their respective agenda. Can’t be more excited to see the result of LABO programs.

Live is Life!

By Omar Mok’s – Tangier.


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