In December 2016, I had a chance to attend the Live Room’s event that took place in Theatre La FOL – Casablanca. I performed in front of a large audience that was full of eagerness and passion towards art. The event was successful and the staff was very welcoming and open-minded. I went back home that night and all I was thinking about is how to keep in touch with these people and could I have a second chance to be hosted in their future events? In fact, I kept in touch with the Live Room staff.

The Live Room becomes my family. I always had faith that this family won’t limit itself in artistic events and tours, but it will widen its vision towards something tangible. After five years of hard work, collaboration, persistence, and creativity, the vision of the Live Room comes true; the foundation of LABO space in Tangier where kids and young will benefit from free artistic programs under the supervision of great mentors.

As a member of the Live Room association, I was honored to attend the annual meeting that was held on January 9th, 2021 in LABO.
This year’s meeting was very different. As the sanitary situation and the focus on the launching of LABO project (from August 2020) kept the team united and updated about the project’s advancement, we decided to keep it chill and to take the opportunity to organize Live Room’s fifth anniversary party. Omar Mok’s, co-founder and CEO of Live Room Project, opens his speech by sharing the new organization, the goals and the vision of the second phase of the project which is that of moving from the vision of “Rise of Art” when we wanted to build a regional interest in art (and so we did!), to that of “Live is Life” which focuses on the study and production of free live expression. After the speech, the manager gives the floor to the attendees to talk in a form of an open mic where all members get to talk, share and animate the meeting. It was an opportunity for all the present artists to express their work, talk about the problems they face, and exchange with new members of Live Room. I am really glad I could be there to get my chance to perform AGAIN and also celebrate the 5th anniversary of Live Room in an atmosphere full of joy and enthusiasm.

Live is Life!

By Khadija Badri – Casablanca.

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