The program “Show” of the Live Room Project continues to create events in Tangier and this time with Halloween. A special show / party will be held on Friday, November 1 at Darna Theater (in front of the fish market).

Costumes, disguises, horror makeup, and live shows will be waiting for you. But why did we specifically choose the Halloween event to celebrate it? Well, because it’s fun, it’s the only party that celebrates –comically- horror. The children love to celebrate it as well. In addition, collective Live Room wants to express its opinion on this festival that is strange to us but also that becomes very commercial in recent years.


This is not the first time when Live Room Show has Halloween as its theme. Back in 2016, the project organized a Show at the American Legation of Tangier under the theme of “Halloween meets Boujloud” where we tried to make a comparative approach between what is it in the Moroccan culture (Boujloud festival in the region of Sous) with the feast of American origin Halloween. It was one of the most successful events. We were very touched by the joy received from the children and youth who participated. This year, we will set up a new event with a micro show on consumption and advertising presented by the theater team. Then, we will present a welcoming show by the project’s founder Omar Mok’s. We will host for the second time the rock band Tetouan Obsession and will see a dance show from the collective Dance of the North or Ramis who will offer us a premier rock thriller show. Live Room Halloween Show is a disguise party that will take place on November 1st at 7:00 pm and last until 9:30 pm.

About the program:

We would like to remind lectors (what do you mean? Do you mean followers?)  that the Live Room Show is a quarterly festive and educational program launched by Live Room Project in 2016, which aims at revolutionizing the notion of cultural events by creating a show that pleases and teaches the audience. It has a moral theme that directly affects the social situation of the users and a unique program that promotes cultural diversity. The theater team provides an opening to the program presents the theme and integrates the audience. Then, it presents a welcoming show. Later, we pass to the programmed performances while leaving room for an open mic / jam session.

For more information about the show or the project, please click HERE.

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