“Thank you so much Live Room for this event”, “It was the best day of my life!”, “Keep the vibes UP!”, “We can’t thank you enough for this colorfull wall transformation”, “We’ve participated in many others street art fest but this one guys is definetly the coolest one!”… Those were some of the feedbacks we’ve recieved after the event ends and that make us very proud and more motivated than ever. From the start of Live Room Project, we have put the entertainment  of our audience at the head of our priorities but also worked hard to involve them in our events and make them express themselfs freely. In this third edition of the Urban Art Fest Tangier, we had more than a thousand visitors, mostly aged between 13 and 25 years and more than a hundred artists for all categories. Such a plaisure to know that you had guys passed a good time with us.


The Fest opening was DOPE

The Urban Art Week turns around the collective Art exhibition and the murals. The opening day was organised at Old British Embassy of Tangier with a full day animation program  containing every urban art style and where we tried to create an utopic piece of the city inside the closed venue so people and artists can feel free to express their creativity without any form of censure. Boys and girls together, family bringing their children to discover street art, people from different places doing networking: Do what do you love now! This was the spirit of the Urban Art Fest 3.

In the program we had: Collective art exhibition (29 artists: Comics, Digital Art, Pop Art, Photography, Drawing, Videos), Xgames and freestyle parade, Dance and choreography,   Music concert, Rap Parade, Two theatre shows, Graffiti workshops, Painting workshop…


After the open call for participation, we recieved 19 Graffiti and Street artists whom 2 from Spain, 7 from Tangier and the rest from others Moroccan cities. The artists stayed in a residency for 5 days where they met on day one, attended the opening day event and felt the spirit of Live Room Project then started to work on their sketch books to have the best result for the collective wall painting. After 4 days, they have completly transformed Ibn Toumart street. Tangier’s to be very proud of them, and so we are.


This year’s edition was harder than ever, because we faced schedule & budget difficulties. Next year goal is to have a development team available from november 2019 which mission will be administrative and sponsoring process following.

For the other hand, we will keep working on the structuration of urban groups specialy in Tangier such Graffiti, Street art, BMX, Skateboarding, Freestyling, Parkour, Dance, Rap and underground m:usic. The idea is to encourage artists and amateurs to regroup themselves in collectifs so we can serve them better.

Also, we will keep opening the project to the North region of Morocco, the other cities and to our mediteranean neighbours for more artists exchange. The final goal for next year is to make it 5% better than this year, and especially to make this festival the engine of street art creation in the city of Tangier.

Finally we would love to thank everyone who made this happen. The participants, the team, the partners: Thank you so much and see you next year!


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