Nothing can be more exciting than living once again the beautiful moments that the Urban Art Week Festival offers, especially during these long hard times. Surely not as much as we did in the past three editions because this year, we were forced to reduce our activities and our audience because of the sanitary situation, but still, we feel proud to could go ahead with the festival which included three offline events and two online ones.

After postponing the 4th edition of Urban Art Week Fest to November 14th,  the program began with a Dance competition of the north organized by Live Room’s LABO center. Six dance crews compete in front of our jury and guests, and the final battle was between Barlaman Crew from Tangier and a mixed group that contains members from Tangier and Tetouan where Barlaman Crew won the first prize. The event was also an opportunity to test our capacity to hold an event with the new social distancing recommendations and to start reinventing new space concept for it.

Two online competitions were launched in our social media platforms just after the Dance event. The first one concerns itself with a digital Rap competition for people from the north where we invented the hash tag #noclashchallenge. The second online competition was about the creation of a digital Comic competition under the theme “A parallel world challenging corona”. Two prizes were offered for the winners. The first winner was chosen by our jury and the second one won by our user’s votes. The anecdote we had is that both competitions had one winner for both prizes (jury and votes). Maybe it proved that the jury did a great job :p  Congratulations to Nizar and Hamza.

#NOCLASHCHALLENGE was very successful in terms of the number of participants (40 rappers) and audience engagement while #POSTCORONACOMICSCHALLENGE knew only the participation of 5 artists who amazed us with their creativity and drawings. However, the challenge proves that Comics discipline needs more support from us.

As we used to offer the citizens of Tangier city every year, a Street Art mural, this year we continued this edition with another collective artwork. We regrouped 3 street artists: Sako, Nouh and Ilyas.  The Street Art mural was under the theme “Post corona: a world more digital than ever” were we wanted to talk to kids and parents about the importance of technology in the near future. The action took 4 days and it was an opportunity for young street artists to come assist the team and participate in a live workshop.

To watch streert art mural report done by local news media  9 Avril: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWWgyFIhqb4&feature=emb_title

The festival closed its activities with two skateboarding competitions in the Sahat Spot. Live Room had the honor to be the first one to organize a Game of Skate and Best Skate Trick battle in Tangier with the help of TNG Extreme association. We really had good time watching those young participants competing and enjoying their times. Congratulations to Reda and Achraf.

Finally, we would like to thank every supporter and participant in the 4th edition of Urban Art Week Fest. Special thanks to everybody who was there, who shared, liked or commented. Big UP to our dear team, juries and friends who helped in organizing the event. Without you all, this event wouldn’t have been that successful. Last but not least, we would like to express our special thanks to our partners for this edition: American Language Center of Tangier and French Embassy of Morocco.

Thank you too dear reader! See you next event 😊



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