We are so happy to announce you that the third edition of the URBAN ART DAY FESTIVAL will be hold in Tangier from July 6th to 18th 2019.

For all the urban artists who want to exhibit or perform in the third edition of the Urban Art Day Fest, please fill the form in the link bellow before June 14th: https://bit.ly/30YgHAJ

What’s the Fest About ?

For those who weren’t with us last year, The Urban Art Day is a big meeting where people from different races and ages share & enjoy Art. We can read from our visitors feedbacks: “My friend told me a lot about the first edition and I felt like I missed something big, And obviously it is something big.. Something different! I enjoyed like never before in an event. Thank you Live Room Project” wrote Zakaria, a musician from Tangier. Or also what we get from Andii, student, USA: “I discovered The Live Room Project’s Urban Art Festival by sheer luck. I was walking home from Souk D’ Barra one sunny afternoon, and I was drawn to the sound of music and youthful chatter coming from the Villa of old British embassy (Tangier’s House of Culture). Being a Florida-born Moroccan, I struggled to find a creative community when I returned to visit Tangier. I was fortunate, for the first time in my life, to be immersed in the joyful exuberance among my fellow artists, my fellow Moroccans. There was an abundance of activities to take part in at what I discovered to be the Urban Art Festival. There were thrilling dancers, talented musicians, dare-devil skateboarders, thought provoking visual artists, poets, rappers, and much more. I remember being offered the microphone to sing alongside a few very talented guitarists, some jazzy scat. I had never sang with my whole body like that before, I had never felt energy so vibrant rushing through me. I am so grateful for The Live Room project for reminding me of the beauty that we can create in Morocco. I am currently studying Theatre at Florida State University, and I’m excited to bring what I’ve learned to Morocco in the coming years. The Live Room Project and the Urban Art Festival have inspired me to bring my life and my art closer to home.”

Program 2019*

Saturday, July 06th >> Festival in/outdoor at Villa of Mendoubia (2pm to 11pm)

+ Workshops (Graffiti, painting,

+ Djying animation

+ Live painting

+ X-games

+ Open mic stage indoor

+ Rap/Slam/Hiphop parade

+ Dance/freestyle competition

+ Contemporary/hiphop Dance show by Alicia Soto Nie

+ Concert1: Rap

+ Concert2: Fusion/Rock

07 – 09 July @VillaMendoubia: Contemporary dance workshop with Alicia Soto

07 – 12 July 2019 >> Street Art/Graffiti: Murals in the urban center of Tangier

Saturday, July 07th >> Closing

Wednesday, July 15th >> Closing of the gallery exhibition

*The final program will be posted later in our media channels. Stay tuned

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