The Urban Art Week festival is normally organized in early July just after the Bac exams. However this year, due to COVID, the date has been rescheduled. Do you remember that  we were forced to postpone the organization of the 4th edition of the Urban Art Week Festival in Tangier this last summer? We reached you out on our social media to help us decide whether you prefer to have a digital version of the festival in August or wait to follow the progress of the sanitary crisis hoping to organize the festival at the end of October (read article) Most of you voted for postponing the event with the hope that we can live a real version not a virtual one. Now we have fixed a date: The fourth edition of the Urban Art Week Festival will be held in the first week of November and the program will be partly on-line and off-line.

Program 2020:

Online Events:

Following the ban of making mass gatherings, we’re sorry to announce that we think that there might be no big concert or expo in 2020 that is why we thought about using the budget allocated to concerts, exhibitions and shows to support artists from the north by offering them a prize to win after the public vote on their videos posted on our social networks. The vote concerns the following categories:

  • Rap Competition
  • Urban Dance Competition
  • Xtreme Competition
  • Competition Digital Art

Offline event:

 The offline event is going to be an organization of a street art animation action in a popular district of Tangier (Old town, Casabarata, etc.) to do collective street art workshops (drawing on the wall, graffiti workshop, DJ animation, Hip-hop and sports urban) for the benefit of children and adolescents in these neighborhoods.

Method: An urban wall (or two depending on availability and guidance from local authorities) will first be selected for action in a working-class neighborhood or in a busy central street for access to outlying areas. Young people and children from the neighborhoods will be brought together beforehand via our direct and digital communication to tell them the goal, date and program of the action. The action will be supervised by a coordinator who will explain the theme and push the audience to join the artists in its imaginary futuristic environment where we want to explore how these young people imagine the world after the pandemic and to rebuild their future fears and hopes as well. The three to four Street artists, who will guide the most curious of the young assistants in the implementation of their imagination and creativity around the presented theme, will put the first sketches of the collective work and will finish by drawing a pleasant and ever-lasting visual landscape. The street will be brought to life by urban music and in particular by encouraging young people to present their rhymes or sing some of their favorite rap songs. (subject to authorization).

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