The Blabla+ series was back in its 7th episode on December, 15th to try to answer to the question: Bullying.. Funny or Not?!

BlaBla+ is an interactive show where we study social topics and treat it from several angles : sarcastically and seriously through different opinions (speakers, polls, sidewalks, web buzz, etc). So after the six past episodes we found that many people suffer from bullying while many others think that it’s normal. Also, it figured out that bullying can cause many psychologic and social problems.

It was also an opportunity to discover and discuss with our special guest “Prencissa Tanja” who hah been anounced lately on the top of the national buzz because of the cyber bullyers.

As usual, the Blabla+ team never relents to press the issue in the funniest way possible through interviews, social media videos, polls etc. In other words, this seventh episode brought with it merriment, joy, fun, and a cool interactive talk among an audience that widely varies in age groups. In fact, both adults and youths have had a cheerful experience discussing some of the most critical thoughts in the social environment nowadays. We have also anounced to the audience that this will be the last episode of the BlaBla+ series as we know it and it that it might transform into a different type of podcast with wider audience.