We are delighted to formally announce the commencement of the forthcoming week, coinciding with students’ vacation, wherein we plan to engage with children to explore, innovate, and create. The primary objective is to seamlessly attract children’s attention to the importance of science and to integrate art and technology to yield diverse results and foster an enjoyable learning experience. The scheduled activities encompass a curated program featuring sound exploration, cartoon voice-overs, puppets and of course robotics. Our beneficiaries are the kids of Ibn Batouta Scout Legend and Padre Lerchundi social center in addition of our LABO members.

Additionally, we will organize outdoor excursions, including visits to the forest, to galleries and museums, to enhance the overall experience during this week.

To culminate the week-long event the participants of our Creative Skills Programs will present the works that hey have realized during the first semester in front of thyir colleagues. This will showcase a captivating performance by both young and adult participants from each group. The program will further include two Theater shows, two projections by the Audiovisual Lab, a puppet show by the Drawing & Handcraft Lab, a Graffiti VR Challenge presented by the Graffiti Lab, and a rhythm show by the Rhythm Lab.