The annual Live Room Christmas returned on Saturday evening, December 23rd. It was just Live Room Project’s 8th anniversary. As a matter of fact, it was an evening that reflected love, fun, acceptance, tolerance, and a family growth over the years that outnumbered expectations.

Also, Live Room Project has never made a show into a political statement but, in real, recent world events and the tragedy that’s been taking place in Palestine did impact the theme of the evening. It was an opportunity for LABO team, and its experimental theatre group to share a message of compassion and solidarity through a beautiful piece of theatre which was exhibited first, and was closed with an outstanding choir hymn performed by participants, coaches, kids, and team members. In other words, it caught emotion.

However, the show soon morphed into fun and celebration. More explicitly, the team members had been challenged in a singing competition which was all but talent. Indeed, it was funny in anyway one can imagine. At last, it became a party of a “little kid” who’s just turned eight; it was Live Room Project birthday. After all, and like always, people could share an experience to remember, an evening to tell stories about, and a sense of belonging to a big family.