As part of the professionalization of street artists and in particular those who present significant development potential such as acrobats, Live Room organized a two-month residency at the LABO center, directed by the dancer and choreographer Karima El Aidouni, with the objective of introducing a group of acrobats from the city of Tangier to contemporary dance to open up new professional horizons for them and also in order to select exceptional talents for the Live room troupe.

After launching an open call for participation for the artist residency, six people were selected. Their profile varied between a former of Chamsy circus school, a former of the Darna circus training program, three formers of the Tangier acrobats school and an autodidact dancer. The residency took 14 sessions of accelerated work spread over two months during which Karima worked with the participants on the following aspects:
1. Technique Development: Emphasizing the development of participants’ technical proficiency in contemporary dance. Providing structured and progressive exercises that focus on alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, and fluidity of movement. Incorporating floor work, release techniques, and dynamic movement qualities that are characteristic of contemporary dance.
2. Movement Exploration and Improvisation: Encouraging participants to explore their own unique movement style through guided improvisation exercises. Fostering a sense of freedom and creativity, allowing participants to express themselves authentically and developing their own movement vocabulary.
3. Choreographic Exploration: Facilitating opportunities for participants to engage in choreographic exploration. Guiding them in creating movement phrases, experimenting with different compositional elements, and exploring their creativity in shaping their own choreographic ideas.

Finally, a small residency reconstitution show was organized on January 5, 2024 in LABO Studios in front of a close audience, and where the dancers presented a group choreography in which contemporary dance and acrobatics were mixed to give an eclectic interesting artistic show. At the end of this residency, two participants communicated their choice to continue in the Field of contemporary dance.