Take out your parents’ old clothes, and music cassettes and start hanging old posters on your walls because Retro culture is back in style!

Less Than two weeks until the 6th edition of your favourite and long-awaited festival, Urban Art Week! For this year the theme that we’ve chosen is “Old but Gold”, for we all know that every form of art we enjoy today, is thanks to the art that preceded it. Hence, we felt obliged to bring back the old days and turn them into gold.

This year, beside the Graffiti murals and the indoor exhibition which are the main activities of the Festival, we are having among us pixel art & retro console music with Jalal Yassin. And we will be playing some awesome music for you to jam to and please your ears and body, by Disco Atlas and Noujoum la Gironde. In the program, we have different workshops in painting, dance, comics, graffiti and beatbox.

Urban art wouldn’t be urban if the Graffiti isn’t involved, therefore, for the murals program we will be having with us, over twenty artists from different regions, among them six international artists from France and Spain,  with a very special guest; Collectif Renard. All of these artists will be working hand in hand for one aim; beautifying the walls and the streets of our beloved Tangier.

Gaming lovers, we have not forgotten about you! In addition to all of the incredible activities spoken of, we will also be having gaming tournaments, so get your gaming minds in shape, you will need it!

Did you think we were done? You thought wrong, the full and detailed program is down below, read it and why not memorise it, you wouldn’t want to miss a thing!