Volunteering/Practice offers for the half-season 2022-2023:

Live Room is a project of human development through the creation of a physical/digital space to promote and explore human LIVE expression.

Live Room Project has a sociocultural center in Tangier “LABO” having over 200 users per month, especially youth and children.

Live Room ONG is opening for the second part of the 2022-2023 season for the following volunteering / Practice position based in Tangier city:

  • Researcher of the project’s social impact:

Period: April-May 2023

Live Room Association is developing an ambitious community positive impact project by using art and culture and has been doing this for more than seven years. In 2020, we succeeded in opening one of the largest socio-cultural centers in the region in which over a thousand youngsters and children benefit from free activities, events, and training. 

To keep improving the quality of our services and to evaluate the impact we’re creating in the community, we will need people like you to help us.









In the last season, we started a study to evaluate the achievement of LABO’s first goal: Creative skills development in youths. This year we want to continue the work and also evaluate the general social impact of the Live Room Project on its nearest community (users, family of the users, and neighborhood). Output: Research report on the Live Room Project’s social impact. 


  • You share the values of our project; you love art and you are open to new cultures.
  • You are a researcher/master’s student/graduate of social studies.
  • With experience in the field for large surveys and door-to-door campaigns, we will need you to help us. 
  • You have good communication skills and know how to deal with different age groups. 
  • You have good writing and reporting skills.
  • Your English is advanced. French and Spanish are a plus. A translator can help you with Arabic.








The position is full-time with weekends off.  You will be working in the LABO center (located in the center of Tangier city and a 5 min walk to the old town) where you can meet many young people and assist in different events. 

Join a passionate team and a crazy project in a beautiful city. Join the Live Room!

Live is Life!

Contact us via email: liveroomofficial@gmail.com