Live Room Halloween Show 2022

In the same tradition as Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, “All Hallow’s Eve” is the evening before the holiday proper. In the night of october, the 31th, a large part of the planet celebrate what we call now the Halloween eve: The night where all freaky spirits comeback once in a year to life. A decade ago, Halloween was especially celebrated in US and anglosaxone zone, but lately it became very famous because of its comercial aspect and the big atraction it has on children and adults both and because people love to disguise and have fun about freaky things for a night.

Halloween is therefore also invited to LABO studios, first on Friday, October 28 for a kids party in partnership with Lerchundi center for kids where only fun will be on the top of the program list and then on Saturday, October 29 for yet another edition of the Live Room Show event, a most demonic evening dedicated to night owls in search of thrills, dance show and choreography on electronic music and a cyber freaky show ander the theme: Death brings life!

Among the guests are vampires, psychopaths, undead, witches, sadistic cannibals and your pals!! As if that weren’t enough, it will take place in a laboratory, which is none other than the basement of an old hotel, which is said to be haunted. It promises.

So welcome to all kids (with limitation of places availables) Friday 28 october starting from 3:00pm and youngsters +16 years on Saturday 29 october starting from 6:30pm. And because it’s Halloween, we don’t forget that costumes are MANDATORY, and the scariest ones will be rewarded. You know what you have to do now … pray for your life Uhahahahaha!


By Omar Mok’s.

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